2018 Winners – News/Events

Mohammed Badra1st Place News and Events

Mohammed Badra


1st Place – News/Events

Iftar Amongst the Ruins
“During a lull in the bombings, Syrians gather, seated on a long 1200-meter row of tables set up amongst the ruins of Douma, for a public Iftar, the evening meal at the end of the daily Ramadan fast.

Location: Douma, Syria
Shot on iPhone 7

Moises Silva2nd Place News and Events

Moises Silva


2nd Place – News/Events

The Heat

Location: Betim, Brazil
Shot on iPhone 5S

Veronica G Cardenas3rd Place News and Events

Verónica G. Cárdenas

United States

3rd Place – News/Events

Refugee Caravan
“Members of the Refugee Caravan 2017 climb the border fence dividing Mexico and the U.S. to celebrate their arrival in Tijuana.

Location: Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
Shot on iPhone 6S

Honorable Mentions