See how far you can go with your iPhone

Lauren Smith - Pensacola, FL United States -  1st Place - People

Lauren Smith – Pensacola, FL United States – 1st Place, People


See how far you can go with your phone with these winners from the iPhone Photography Awards


Not everybody can be Annie Leibovitz, and that’s fine. Plenty of people are making do by applying a keen eye for stunning visuals to an iPhone screen. And there’s a contest where these folks are recognized for doing just that.

For the past seven years, the iPhone Photography Awards has been showcasing some of the most amazing photos taken by camera phones around the world. Thousands of Apple addicts enter each year, from hobbyists to serious photographers, submitting their images for consideration. The photos come in 17 categories including Architecture, Sunsets, and Food. (But not Selfie, yet, despite seemingly overwhelming demand.) The only rule is that the images can’t be photoshop’d in any way, though iPhone and iPad apps are fair game.

The first place Photographer of the Year award went to Florida-based Julio Lucas, whose image of icy ridges reveals a stunning command of shadow play and depth of field. Have a look at more of the images in the slides above.