2019 Winning Photographers

Gabriella Cigliano

Napoli, Italy

Grand Prize Winner
Photographer of the Year

I’m Gabriella, I’m 23 and I’m from Napoli, Italy. When I was a little girl and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was always “traveling!”.  Now that I’m grown-up, I’ve realized that beyond curiosity about the world, one of the reasons why I love to travel is to share with others what I see. I do this through the photos I take, I try to show others the world through my eyes, with no filters

Diogo Lage

Porto, Portugal

1st Place
Photographer of the Year

My love for photography began years ago, with black and white film. Today I keep up that taste, including shooting the photos with the active black and white filter and only with rare exceptions do I revert to color. My background is in Art and Design where I always look for inspiration and references.

Juliya Ibraeva

Moscow, Russia

2nd Place
Photographer of the Year

My name is Yuliya Ibraeva. I’m 30 years old, live in Moscow & work as a photographer, photo editor and media producer more than 10 years. Photograph is my passion and profession.

Peng Hao

Sichuan, China

3rd Place
Photographer of the Year

My name is Peng Hao. I am a film director and also a photographer.

Jiangying Guo

Brooklyn, NY United States

1st Place – Abstract

A recent graduate from Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, NY). I work as an interior designer, and I love taking pictures for memories.

JulieAnne Kaplan

San Rafael, CA United States

2nd Place – Abstract

JuliAnne Kaplan is an award winning photographer living in San Rafael, California. She is passionate about seeing and hopes that, through her art, she can help enable others to slow down and catch the moment. JuliAnne’s daily photography practice is about “Seeing . . . What Is”. What makes her come alive is capturing those fleeting perceptions with her iPhone camera and discovering magic in the process—what is revealed in the moment: direct, vivid and true.

Samantha Byrd

Lake Jackson, TX United States

3rd Place – Abstract

Texas born and bred but enamored with the world. I have an insatiable hunger for exploring and capturing the magic I find.

Diogo Lage

Porto, Portugal

1st Place – Animals

My love for photography began years ago, with black and white film. Today I keep up that taste, including shooting the photos with the active black and white filter and only with rare exceptions do I revert to color. My background is in Art and Design where I always look for inspiration and references.

Yoichi Sato


2nd Place – Animals

Photographer active in Tokyo Japan. I was previously a camera module designer and now takes snapshots of daily life using the iPhone.

Deena Berton

Weston, MA United States

3rd Place – Animals

Deena Berton has had an abiding interest in making images since high school. In college and business school she was a photographer and photo editor for her college newspaper, The Cornell Daily Sun.

She creates images in many different media. Her current passions are mobile digital image making, painting exuberant abstracts, Nerikomi ceramics and mixed analog and digital media.

Kuanglong Zhang

Shen Zhen City, China

1st Place – Architecture

I am a professional photographer and photography teacher. I teach many people mobile phone photography skills in China so that everyone can feel the fun of mobile phone photography.

Sally Ann Field

Los Angeles, CA United States

2nd Place – Architecture

Sally Ann Field is a commercial and fine art photographer who is influenced by human behavior and pop-culture. Sally is based in Hollywood, California, where she brings her art director’s eye to the viewfinder and the printed page.

Shuo Chen

Fujian, China

3rd Place – Architecture

After graduation from Victoria University of Wellington, I have become a professional photographer and designer from Xiamen, China. I’ m a contributor for many international photo agencies.

Neri Rivas

Marina Del Rey, United States

1st Place – Children

Neri Rivas was born in el pueblo de Los Angeles, CA. With a passion for movies and comic books, Neri refined his pencil sketches to a love of graphic design to tell stories through single imagery.

Kirill Voynovskiy

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2nd Place – Children

I live in Russia, in the city of St. Petersburg.

David Booker

Derbyshire, United Kingdom

3rd Place – Children

I live in Derbyshire, England and have exhibited iPhone photography on a number of occasions in the UK and USA under the name of Blemished Eye – a collection of dark, somewhat alternative portraiture. Since the birth of my son just over two years ago I’ve shifted my attention to documenting family life but this is the first time I’ve shared such an image outside of family and close friends.  I manage an independent bookshop – Scarthin Books of Cromford – and live with my wife, Eve, and young son, Gabriel and have a daughter, Sophie, who is at University.

Dan Liu

Beijing, China

1st Place – Floral

Dan Liu, a professional photographer living in China. I have been traveling around the world to more than 40 countries to conduct humanities and landscape photography projects, in which I focus on exploring and recording the independent features of different social and natural groups, as well as the relationship between them.

Ted Silveira

Felton, CA United States

2nd Place – Floral


Ted Silveira started in film photography (rangefinder), moved to digital photography (mirrorless), and is now an enthusiastically unprofessional mobile photographer. Less gear, more photos, more fun.

Chuangcheng Jin

Shantou, China

3rd Place – Floral

I’ve been passionate about mobile photography since 2014. My interest in photography brings me a lot of inspiration. I like to record the enthusiastic and moving parts of life by taking photos so that they can tell the stories of life.

Hsueh Isan


1st Place – Landscape

An architecture designer from Taiwan who enjoys capturing life.

Erik Burdett

Amarillo, TX United States

2nd Place – Landscape

Erik Burdett is a freelance photographer and writer living in windswept West Texas with his two dogs Disco and Mary.

Guoxi Chen


3rd Place – Landscape

I am a photographer of Humanities and scenery. I travel around the world with passion and eyes for beauty. Also, try to record the most beautiful moments of the planet with a lens.

Biao Peng

Hubei, China

1st Place – Lifestyle

Biao Peng is a graphic designer from Hubei Province, China, graduated from Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, like write poems and photography.

Lenny Yueng

Shanghai , China

2nd Place – Lifestyle

Hleb Drazdou

Minsk, Belarus

3rd Place – Lifestyle

I’m a instablogger from Minsk, Belarus and amateur photographer. I love to show our post-soviet reality at it’s best. In my blog, I tell about my life here in text and photos.

Huei-Jiuan Wang


1st Place – Nature

I’m an architecture professional and an amateur photographer based in Amsterdam. I move among different countries every several years as a nomad.

Xiao Lin

Zhejiang , China

2nd Place – Nature


I am a programmer, and work in a company who develops educational apps for kids in Ningbo, China. I love taking pictures with my iPhone. My wife encouraged me to send those photos to your website after she saw them, I love my wife!

Yingya Liu

Shandong , China

3rd Place – Nature

Lianyu Lu

Guangdong , China

1st Place – News/Events

Lianyu Lu, is a mobile phone photographer, videographer and colorist who prefers to use a mobile phone to record interesting moments in daily life.

Yanan Li

Beijing, China

2nd Place – News/Events

The Heat

Location: Betim, Brazil
Shot on iPhone 5S

Gabriel Ribeiro

Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

3rd Place – News/Events

Gabriel Ribeiro is a photographer and videomaker in Campo Grande, MS. His main interest in photography is to record ephemeral moments that, by virtue of chance, happen daily.

Sari Sutton


1st Place – Other

Sari likes to explore the intersection between the natural and human-constructed, industrial elements of the landscape through her photography. She has a keen interest in abstract composition and the conceptual. Her photographic practice includes art, landscape, street, social and environmental documentary. She is a member of the ‘Unexposed Collective’ of Australian women/ non-binary street photographers and her work has been shown in a number of group exhibitions.

Dyllon Wolf

Huntingtown, MD United States

2nd Place – Other

I am a 19 year old college student from Maryland studying Biology and Psychology at the University of Utah. Photography has always been a major interest of mine and I have been taking photos with my iPhone ever since I got my first one in 2013. I love using knowledge from my college classes to find and compose unique photos of ordinary things that I wouldn’t have found interesting before.

Caren Drysdale

Riverside, CA United States

3rd Place – Other

My interest in Mobile Photography began several years ago when I purchased an iPhone 5. It is reassuring to know that I always have a camera with me, and I enjoy being able to quickly capture moments with my phone. I also find it amazing how much you can accomplish making art with your photos using all of the various apps packed into a mobile device.

Vincent Chen

Guangdong, China

1st Place – Panorama

I currently work for a metal company in Zambia, Africa. I like travelling around the world and taking photos with my phones. Surrounded by nature, landscapes became my first subject matter, and have stayed with me ever since.

Garrine Tsang

Hamilton, ON Canada

2nd Place – Panorama

Garrine Tsang was born in Hong Kong and moved to Canada in 1998. She started and fell in love with wildlife and nature photography in 2013. Garrine is an active member of the National Geographic YourShot community and a photo club member of Canadian Geographic. 

iPhone is a great companion to her during outdoor shooting due to its portability and versatility.

Jessica Notelo

Gauteng, South Africa

3rd Place – Panorama

Jessica Notelo is a Cape Town born photographer who has experience in the commercial, fashion, automobile, and wedding industries. Although weddings are currently Jessica’s main focus, she has always been a lover of travel photography and loves spending time wandering new places taking snaps with her iPhone.

Wei Xiong

Hubei, China

1st Place – People

A mobile phone photographer from Huangpi district, Wuhan, China. Although Huangpi is a small town, it is the sky city of him. He lives, works and takes photos with his mobile phone here, to keep memory, time, ordinary life and simple happiness forever.

Christine L. Mace

New York, United States

2nd Place – People

Christine L. Mace is a New York City based artist, who has worked in fashion, film and graphic design. She received an undergraduate degree in Fashion Marketing and a MA in Fashion Studies from Parsons The New School for Design. Mace’s photography has appeared in many publications. Recently, her work was a part of the Furies, Fairies, Visionaries exhibition curated by Alice Gray Stites at Pen + Brush gallery in New York City. 

Valeria Cammareri

Milano, Italy

3rd Place – People

I am Italian, born in Sicily , South of the Country, and raised in the North, in a little town on the Lake Maggiore where my parents still live. I currently live in Milan where I work as  a pediatrician.

I didn’t cultivate any particular interest for photography until 2012, when I bought my first iPhone . Since then I have been using it  to write  the visual diary of my daily emotions.

Mona Jumaan


1st Place – Portrait

I am an amateur photographer/traveller based in Bahrain. Combining my passions, I aspire to create photos that connect the viewer to the places I have visited, and to give them the experience through my photographs what I have experienced firsthand.

Christian Horgan

Fremantle, Australia

2nd Place – Portrait

Christian Horgan is a story teller based in Western Australia.  He is a presenter and producer of Film, Television and Radio with his work reaching national and global audiences.  Christian uses his iPhone as another means to tell stories, capturing images from the tales that unfold around him.  He’s all about using his iPhone to see the world in a different light.

Magali Chesnel

Ferney-Voltaire, France

3rd Place – Portrait

Magali Chesnel is a French artist, painter and self-taught photographer. Born in Versailles and a native of Brittany – France. She is an award-winning and globally exhibited aerial photographer.

Carol Allen Storey

London, United Kingdom

1st Place – Series

A native New Yorker, Storey resides in London. Carol Allen-Storey is an award-winning photojournalist specialising in chronicling complex humanitarian and social issues. Her imagery illuminating people’s dignity and quest for survival reflects the unique trust and respect she engenders with her subjects.

Dimpy Bhalotia

Maharashtra, India

2nd Place – Series

Street photography may just be one way of seeing and capturing the world for many for us, but for Dimpy Bhalotia, it’s both the toughest and purest form of creative photography. It requires patience, a keen sense of observation, and perfect timing to capture the “decisive moment”. The stories captured are not works of fiction. This, she says, makes it the “most truthful art in the world.”

Larisa Baricheva

Lima, Peru

3rd Place – Series

I’m a Russian-Jewish woman and I was born 74 years ago in Moscow, Russia, but for the last 52 years I have lived in Peru. I love nature, its shapes and colors, its textures and combinations. I search tirelessly for beauty. I’m passionate about photography with my iPhone camera and I travel a lot through Peru, discovering a new world every time.

Clarita Phiri Beierdoerffer

Berlin, Germany

1st Place – Still Life

Clarita – Maria Phiri – Beierdoerffer, is a Zambia born photographer whose style centers on identity, bravery and emotional exploration. In her photography, Clarita works to reveal her identity and being seen simply as one is, or is not. Her abstract work often includes solitary figures and objects, magnifying her journey of exploration and soul searching.

Daniel Kafalas

New York, United States

2nd Place – Still Life

Coming from an advertising background, I am inspired by the creative New York City life that moves around me.  Aways trying to capture the scene that is unseen.

Elena Bolshakova

Moscow, Russia

3rd Place – Still Life

For me photography is the magic of the process, thus it requires full emotional dive into the object, be it landscape or fork on the table. I’m inspired by extraordinary things  that extend the frontier of the consciousness and create enormous amount of different meanings. It is very exciting to look around for such things in our daily routine, to hunt them, to expose them to light, and through photography to put your own emotions into them.

Sreekumar Krishnan

Karnataka, India

1st Place – Sunset


Sreekumar Krishnan is an award winning professional photographer and teacher of photography based in Bangalore, India. His work Indian Sunshine was digitally displayed at the Louvre in France and National Geographic featured his photograph, “the mystical birds of Bharatpur” as Shot of the day. His works have also been displayed at various art galleries in Bangalore. When he is not shooting, he teaches meditation.

Shirley Xu

Shanghai, China

2nd Place – Sunset

I am a professional photographer and photography teacher. Last year was my gap year, I left my job as an editor for a website and went to Finland, Norway, Sweden, Greece, Italy, Spain, The Czech Republic, Egypt and India. During this trip, I saw many beautiful views and took lots of photos, I also very lucky to see the northern lights many times.

Chuangcheng Jin

Guangdong, China

3rd Place – Sunset

I’ve been passionate about mobile photography since 2014. My interest in photography brings me a lot of inspiration. I like to record the enthusiastic and moving parts of life by taking photos so that they can tell the stories of life.

Liu Bo

Shanghai, China

1st Place – Travel

I started my career as a freelance photographer after my half year of travel with my iPhone. I like to observe this world and when I have something to say deep in my heart photography is the only way. It’s easy to catch those moments in my life with a small mobile in hand. I hope that my pictures let people feel what I feel when I press the shutter.

James Cowlin

Oracle, AZ United States

2nd Place – Travel

James Cowlin is a professional photographer specializing in landscape, nature and travel photography. He has traveled extensively in the western United States capturing images of the natural world ranging from broad panoramics to intimate close-ups. His current project is documenting US Route 89 from Canada to Mexico featuring seven of America’s most beautiful National Parks. He has been using an iPhone for several years as a vital tool in his photography practice.

Alfonso Ordosgoitia

Brooklyn, United States

3rd Place – Travel

Alfonso Ordosgoitia is a New York-based / Colombian born artist and the founder of Goitia Studio, a multi-media art laboratory. Exploring different creative platforms – Photography, Music, and Video being its main focus – Ordosgoitia has developed a strong artistic identity that has led him to his most extensive and autobiographical project: Embodiment – an immersive body of work about time, space and energy.

Christian Helwig

Berlin, Germany

1st Place – Trees

My name is Christian Helwig, i am 51 years old, I was born in Hamburg, Germany. Living in Berlin, Germany, married, father of two. I am working as a technical consultant in the banking sector. I’ve been taking pictures since I was 16 years old, having used only SLR until my first iPhone, the 4s. I always liked the easiness, the handling, the always-with-me in the iPhone.

Neil Bennett

Sydney, Australia

2nd Place – Trees

Neil Bennett is a professional photographer and picture editor living in Sydney, Australia.

He is from the UK originally and has worked in newspapers for 30 years on assignments or managing photographers – his career has taken him all over the world to New York, Ethiopia, Washington, Australia and Europe.

Zhang Xiaojun

Shanghai, China

3rd Place – Trees

I am a travel planner and mobile phone photographer in Shanghai. I like to photograph the relationship between people and nature, and architecture and people during my travels. I think the best camera is your eyes.