2019 Winners – Trees

Christian Helwig


1st Place – Trees

This was taken on the island of Rügen, which is a german island in the Baltic Sea. The spot where I took the picture is on the northernmost coast of the island, close to the little village Schwarbe.
There was a strong wind from the sea behind me with some snow, and the wind and the flakes produced this kind of “shadow” on the “lee” of the trees. Everything was very black and white, except the smaller bushlike trees in the back that were a little brown.

Location: Rügen, Baltic Sea
Shot on iPhone 6S

Neil Bennett


2nd Place – Trees

Morning Mist
An early morning walk as the late summer fog weaves it way through old olive trees in Puglia, Italy. As the sun rose I went for a walk through the olive grove, hunting for an early morning coffee in the photographer’s golden hour.

Location: Puglia, Italy
Shot on iPhone X

Zhang Xiaojun


3rd Place – Trees

The Last Secret of Jiangnan
It was a forest around an old village. In the morning magical plants crept out of the earth, the sky got brighter and brighter, the green leaves were a little transparent and a new ray of sunlight was pouring into all the gaps.

Location: Songyang, China
Shot on iPhone 7 Plus

Honorable Mentions