2019 Winners – Travel

Liu Bo


1st Place – Travel

Lonely Boat
It was a cloudy day. I noticed a man with a small boat floating up and down in the sea when I was walking on the beach. Something occurred to me in that moment, I thought, I want to get closer so I walked in until salty seawater flooded my chest. The man, the boat, and me. I felt a connection in that moment, people are so small between heaven and earth.

Location: Da Nang , Vietnam
Shot on iPhone 8 Plus

James Cowlin

United States

2nd Place – Travel

Tourists at the Dunes-Death Valley
The photograph was taken at the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes near Stovepipe Wells in Death Valley National Park. A bus load of tourist had just arrived and people were walking out into the dunes. The bright light of midday accented the dunes and the colorful clothes of the tourists.

Location: Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes
Shot on iPhone XS Max

Alfonso Ordosgoitia

United States

3rd Place – Travel

In this photo that I took in Cartagena – Colombia, I was exploring the contrast between the colonial architecture of the city, next to a “Palanquera” : a Colombian touristic symbol that represents the group of runaway African slaves, now known for selling fruits on the streets with colorful dresses – A “costume” that disguises the episodes of slavery caused by the Spanish colonization.

Location: Cartagena, Colombia
Shot on iPhone 7 Plus

Honorable Mentions