2019 Winners – Portrait

Mona Jumaan


1st Place – Portrait

A Future Eagle Hunter
In Bayan Ulgi province in western Mongolia, eagle hunting is a tradition passed across generations. Boys start their training as early as 11 years old, and little Bakha is no exception as he makes his entrance into the world of eagle hunting with his prized falcon.

Location: Bayan Ulgi, Mongolia
Shot on iPhone 7 Plus

Christian Horgan


2nd Place – Portrait

Little Beekeeper

I take my nephew Eden on ‘Photo Safaris’, where we only shoot with our iPhones. Our trophies are the images we capture. My mum has a couple of bee hives in Margaret River, Western Australia, and I thought they’d make for an exciting safari.  As we dressed for this adventure I decided to take a portrait of Eden in his ‘photo safari suit’.

Location: Margaret River, Western Australia
Shot on iPhone X

Magali Chesnel


3rd Place – Portrait

Who is the boss?

One of my favorite moments, perched on the tummy of my master. I have to confess, the view is awesome!! This cushion makes me feel secure. I can also warn other dogs and protect my master. Yeeaah! Who’s the boss?! I belong to him and he belongs to me.

Location: Gruissan, France
Shot on iPhone 7

Honorable Mentions