2019 Winners – Other

Sari Sutton


1st Place – Other

Sky scaffolding
I loved the playful surrealist symbolism of this modest painted building, visually merging architecture and nature, physical object and void, in an unpretentious yet conceptually very clever way.

Location: Busan, South Korea
Shot on iPhone X

Dyllon Wolf

United States

2nd Place – Other

Hang On
We received a large package with an absurd amount of this brown packing paper and my younger brother and I decided to get creative with it.

Location: Maryland
Shot on iPhone 7

Caren Drysdale

United States

3rd Place – Other

The Wait
I shot this photo in a local restaurant, I was captivated by the beautiful woman seated at the table across from us. She was preparing to leave, and her table was cluttered with dirty dishes, but I focused on the bright, shimmering fabric and the shiny gold sandals she was wearing.

Location: Rancho Cucamonga, California
Shot on iPhone 6 Plus

Honorable Mentions