2019 Winners – Lifestyle

Biao Peng


1st Place – Lifestyle

A man fishing by the lake, it feels like it came out of the movie called “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and I wrote a poem at the time:半山融水雾,深树隐渔翁。君钓江中鲤,吾观落日红。

Location: Wuhan, Hubei, China
Shot on iPhone 6s

Lenny Yueng


2nd Place – Lifestyle

Hanging to Dry

Location: Hongkou Shanghai
Shot on iPhone 7

Hleb Drazdou


3rd Place – Lifestyle

In his Memory
This is the former room of my grandfather in my grandparents’ house in Bobruysk, Belarus. Now he is dead and my grandmother has decorated it in his memory in a typical old soviet rural style which used to be chic and gorgeous when she was a child in the poor countryside after WWII. Nowadays we don’t have such interiors in our houses, and it is a kind of museum of those times: all those covered pillows, the abundance of carpets (on the walls as well), austere, neat and tidy.

Location: Bobruysk, Belarus
Shot on iPhone X

Honorable Mentions