2019 Winners – Architecture

Kuanglong Zhang


1st Place – Architecture

Janta Manta Observatory
Janta Manta Observatory is very sci-fi looking. I captured the flying pigeon with the building to give the photo a dynamic feeling.

Location: Jaipur, India
Shot on iPhone X

Sally Ann Field

United States

2nd Place – Architecture

Palm Springs Palm
I can’t get enough of the mid century modern architecture in Palm Springs, CA. This building is one of my favorites and I happened to be driving by mid day when the intense light, color and shadow caught my eye. The building does not have a bad angle, but for me it was the palm tree that made the composition complete.

Location: Palm Springs, California
Shot on iPhone X

Shuo Chen


3rd Place – Architecture

Here I come
This image was taken in the Xiamen, international shipping center. I was trying to create a futuristic battle scene of Star Wars (I’m a huge starwars fan). When a friend told me about this location, I thought it would be very good to shoot something like this with a lightsaber and two characters fighting. The lighting that afternoon was great, and we waited for the best natural light of the sun to light up the place.

Location: Xiamen City, Fujian
Shot on iPhone X

Honorable Mentions