2019 Winners – Abstract

Jiangying Guo

United States

1st Place – Abstract

Blue light
A beam of sunlight shined on a swimming pool at 9:32am, when I was visiting the house designed by Luis Barragán.

Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Shot on iPhone 7 Plus

JulieAnne Kaplan

United States

2nd Place – Abstract

Looking Up
Looking up, at the corner of Laguna and Hayes Streets, San Francisco. The midday sun casts an engaging abstract pattern of geometric shadows onto the quirky facade.

Location: San Francisco, California
Shot on iPhone 7 Plus

Samantha Byrd

United States

3rd Place – Abstract

From the wrong angle, it looked chaotic, like someone had hung string frivolously. But from straight on, it was perfect. Serene and calming.

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Shot on iPhone 8 Plus

Honorable Mentions