2018 Winning Photographers

Jashim Salam


Grand Prize Winner
Photographer of the Year

Jashim Salam is a documentary photographer based in Bangladesh. He has graduated in photography from Pathshala, the South Asian institute of Photography and Media Academy with a Post Graduate Diploma in Visual Journalism. Jashim’s schooling was made possible through a scholarship program of the World Press Photo at the Konrad Adenauer Asian Center for Journalism (ACFJ) at Ateneo De Manila University in the Philippines.

Rohingya children watching an awareness film about health and sanitation near Tangkhali refugee camp in Ukhiya.

Alexandre Weber


1st Place
Photographer of the Year

Alexander Weber is a 47 year old anthropologist, studying the history of art. He travels a lot and takes pictures with his iPhone.

Baiana in yellow and blue
“The picture was taken in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, spontaneously, after a truck drove by. The woman with traditional clothes of a “baiana”, was looking after the truck, during her work break.”

Huapeng Zhao


2nd Place
Photographer of the Year

Huapeng Zhao is a documentary and landscape photographer from Shandong Province,China, taking iPhone photos each day to record the touching and interesting moments of life.

Eye to eye
“I met this boy while walking at the seaside. When I was trying to take a picture of him, he put the fish he caught in front of his eye.”

Location: YanTai ShanDong province, China
Shot on iPhone 6

Zarni Myo Win


3rd Place
Photographer of the Year

Zarni Myo Win is a travel photographer from Myanmar and multi-award winner of international photography competitions. Currently working on a photography project to document the life of Myanmar opera performers behind the curtain.

I want to play
“A young boy who lost his leg was watching his friends play soccer, and he said he wanted to play soccer if he could.”

Location: Yangon, Myanmar
Shot on iPhone 7 Plus

Glenn Homann


1st Place – Abstract

Glenn Homann lives in Ipswich, just outside of Brisbane, Australia. He is a keen amateur photographer who has taken to using the IPhone as his main photographic device and using it has had success in international competitions and exhibitions around the world.

“I was looking to take some photos in a rather cluttered, messy industrial space. As I became more frustrated at the lack

of interesting images, my eye honed in on smaller details. A simple and striking black and white image of cardboard scraps resulted.”

Location: Brisbane, Australia
Shot on iPhone X

Edwin Loyola


2nd Place – Abstract

Edwin Loyola is a celebrated photographer in the Philippines and abroad. His photography speaks to his interest in truth, hope, courage and charity, and is for him a celebration of life.

The Union of Colors
“Taken in one of Philippines biggest malls. I was strolling around the mall, and was amazed with the colors and patterns”

Location: Mall of Asia, Philippines
Shot on iPhone X

Jedrzej Franek


3rd Place – Abstract

Jedrzej Franek started capturing architecture and urban life in early 2010s and is an enthusiast of mobile photography and videography. His passion for photography is what drew his attention to matters of architecture, urban aesthetics and design.  Jedrzej was one of the photographers featured on “Post-Soviet Visions: The image and identity in new Eastern Europe” exhibition by Calvert Foundation in London.

“This photo is a facade of one of the most recognizable buildings in Pozna, the former Polonez Hotel (closed, and re-opened as a student dormitory center). Considered very modern and luxurious in the 80’s it has fallen in disrepair in the 2000’s.

Location: Pozna, Poland
Shot on iPhone 6S

Robin Robertis

United States

1st Place – Animals

Award-winning iPhone photographer Robin Robertis travels the world to capture unique and emotionally compelling images and currently uses a variety of processing iPhone apps to create her finished work.

“Django” Old man baby dog
“Django is a Shaolin Temple Terrier, born and raised in a Buddhist monastery in the northern province of Hunan China. Django likes long walks on the beach and listening to Miles Davis.”

Location: Carlsbad, California
Shot on iPhone 7 Plus

Katie Wall

United Kingdom

2nd Place – Animals

Katie Wall is a Hampshire UK based Graphic Designer, teacher and mum and although she leans more towards a ‘happy snapper’ than a bonfide photographer, she enjoys the art of image composition (and probably spends far too much time on instagram).

0 to not-quite-Seagull-speed in 60 seconds
“Enjoying a near empty beach on a particularly windy day, our whippets were enjoying the wide open spaces to zoom around us in huge circles, chasing distant seagulls.”

Location: New Brighton, Wirral, UK
Shot on iPhone 7

Erica Wu


3rd Place – Animals

Erica Wu wa born in Taiwan and immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 17. Erica graduated from the Academy of Art in San Francisco. She currently works as a freelance smartphone photographer and travel blogger in Taiwan, specializing in photos of animals, street cats and scenery around the world.

Smiling Fox
“This fox was sleeping inside the box and poked his head out to enjoy the sunshine during the snowing season.”

Location: Miyagi Zao Fox Village, Japan
Shot on iPhone X

Massimo Graziani


1st Place – Architecture

Massimo Graziani’s mission is to tell the intimacy of a moment. His greatest satisfaction is to be able to freeze a moment that tells a story, an event, a person.

“A stair ramp from Rome in Via Allegri.”

Location: Rome, Italy
Shot on iPhone 7 Plus

KuangLong Zhang


2nd Place – Architecture

Kuanglong Zhang is a a freelance photographer from Shenzhen city, China.

Jameh Mosque of Isfahan
“This one of the oldest mosques in Iran and is the result of continual construction, reconstruction, additions and renovations on the site from around 771 C.E. to the end of the 20th century.”

Location: Ispahan, Iran
Shot on iPhone 7

Nasra Al Sharji


3rd Place – Architecture

Nasra is an amateur iPhone photographer who lives and works Oman.

Burj Khalifa Dubai
“I took this picture around 6:48 am from my hotel window as I was getting ready to head to work.”

Location: Shaikh Zayed Road Dubai
Shot on iPhone 6

Melisa Barrilli


1st Place – Children

Melisa Barrilli was born in Patagonia, Argentina and was inclined to design and taking photos since she was little. She comes from a diverse background with both academic and hands-on experience in design, visual art and advertising.

Spray Fury
“My daughter was wearing her ballet leotard and she was spraying her siblings and herself.”

Location: Toronto, Canada
Shot on iPhone 5S

Dina Alfasi


2nd Place – Children

Dina Alfasi is a mother of a 14 year old boy, an architectural practical engineer, and in her free time she is also an iPhone photographer, from Hadera, Israel. What inspires Dina are the little moments that happen every day. Her work is a testament to telling stories through a single photograph and proof that all you need is just to look around and find those magic moments.

“Part of a series taken at Skate park. I was captivated by these young children, who spend hours, training continuously to improve and achieve greater things.”

Location: Skate park, Haifa, Israel
Shot on iPhone X

Savadmon Avalachamveettil


3rd Place – Children

Savadmon was born in Thiruvilwamala, a small town in Kerala (India) and is currently living in Ireland. He is a Software Analyst by profession and his favourite hobby is iPhone Photography.

“I took this photo last year, in August of 2017. I couldn’t resist taking few pictures as the sky and the light on the field looked extraordinary and the girls on top of the hay bale made it super special.”

Location: Fermoy, Cork
Shot on iPhone 7 Plus

Alison Helena Campbell

United States

1st Place – Floral

“I was parking to do my weekly grocery shopping and saw the amazing light on the wall and flowers”

Location: Santa Barbara, California
Shot on iPhone 7

Zhendi Zhang


2nd Place – Floral


Zhendi Zhang was born and raised in Beijing, China.

“Taken during a road trip to Princeton University. It was a rainy, cloudy day with very soft and dim light, which emphasized the contrasting colors of the red fruit and green leaves.”

Location: Princeton, New Jersey
Shot on iPhone X

Hongjun Ge


3rd Place – Floral


Location: Nanjing Shi, China
Shot on iPhone 6

Charles Thomas

United States

1st Place – Landscape

Charles Thomas is an Indonesian-born, Tulsa-based graphic designer and photographer.  He is passionate about traveling and enjoying local cuisines along the way, as evidenced on his instagram posts.

Human vs. Nature
“I’ve always been fascinated with the view out of an airplane window. On this afternoon, I was lucky enough to get a window seat on a return trip from Las Vegas. I watched the landscape slowly transform from cityscape to rows of identical suburban houses, to surreal desert- scape.”

Location: Between Nevada and Arizona
Shot on iPhone 8 Plus

Asuman Robson


2nd Place – Landscape

Asuman Robson was born in Düsseldorf, Germany and moved to Istanbul as a teenager. She studied Political Science and International Relations and worked for many years in marketing before pursuing her interest in photography and completing a degree. She is currently based in the UK but is passionately in love with Istanbul.

At Sycamore Gap
“Taken on a hike along Hadrian’s Wall in the North East of England. It was a typical moody day and I liked how the tree and hikers looked in front of the clouds in this dramatic dip of the Roman wall.”

Location: Northumberland, UK
Shot on iPhone 7

Naian Feng


3rd Place – Landscape

Naian Feng is a Chinese freelance photographer who travels around the world shooting landscape photos.

The Kerid
“This is a photo of Kerid mount in southern Iceland. Kerid is a dead volcano and in the middle there is a blue volcanic lake. I took this photo during winter when the lake was frozen. The black spots on the surface of the lake are tourists.”

Location: Kerid, Iceland
Shot on iPhone X

Natalia Garcés


1st Place – Lifestyle

Natalia Garcés first photography exhibition as an author was born from mobile photographs. It was called “Life bitch. Snapshots of a happy dog” and turned out to be a photographic journey through the moods of her dog.

Mrs. Sancheski
“This day I opened my second exhibition, there was a lot of atmosphere and good friends. Mrs. Sancheski is the mother of three children, unique, urban and stylish.

Location: Alcalá de Henares , Madrid, Spain
Shot on iPhone 7

泳桥 黄


2nd Place – Lifestyle

A photographer from Heyuan, Guangdong, China, doing photography since 2006.

Dreams in the basket
“On the way back after work I see a little baby lies in the basket. I really want to stop to adjust the baby’s sleeping position that makes her more comfortable, but I can’t bear to disturb her dreams.”

Location: HeYuan, GuangDong, China
Shot on iPhone 5S

Paolo Mestriner


3rd Place – Lifestyle

Paolo Mestriner, architect, has exhibited in personal and collective photography exhibitions. In 2000 he founded his own architecture studio and won numerous architecture competitions in Italy and abroad. He also teaches in the field of architecture and landscape design, and works with architecture exhibitions, publications, books and magazines.

Enjoy the Summer
“Last summer my family took a short break by the sea.”

Location: Novalja – Hrvatska
Shot on iPhone SE

Sukru Mehmet Omur


1st Place – Nature

Sukru Mehmet Omur is a retired ENT surgeon and a mobile artist. He lives between Paris and Istanbul. Sukru takes photos with his iPhone or his film camera, and recently wrote a book on iPhone photography.

Morning Fog

Location: Toulouse France
Shot on iPhone 6S

Anton Kruglov


2nd Place – Nature

Anton Kruglov is a 31 year old Russian arborist living in the Tver.  He loves to snowboard, surf, wakeboard and travel for sports.

The Sand-snow river
“The photo was taken on May 23 in Sochi at the ski resort “Rosa Khutor” at an altitude above 1600 m. On this day, there was a storm which had previously passed through the island of Crete, and so on the mountain the snow was covered wtih sand from the storm.”

Location: Rosa Khutor Ski Resort, Sochi, Russia
Shot on iPhone SE

Peng Ju Tang


3rd Place – Nature

“Icebergs of Qaasuitsup Kommune.”

Location: Ilulissat, Greenland
Shot on iPhone 7 Plus


Mohammed Badra


1st Place – News/Events

Mohammed Badra was born in Douma, Syria. He studied architecture at Damascus University but had to abandon his studies in his third year due to the war. After working for other news agencies he joined epa in October, 2015 as staff photographer, covering the war and its effects on the civilian population. Mohammed has also worked with the Syrian Red Crescent as a first-aider, psychological supporter and photographer. His strong desire is that his photography contributes to a better awareness of the ongoing and unending crisis in Syria.

Iftar Amongst the Ruins
“During a lull in the bombings, Syrians gather, seated on a long 1200-meter row of tables set up amongst the ruins of Douma, for a public Iftar, the evening meal at the end of the daily Ramadan fast.

Location: Douma, Syria
Shot on iPhone 7

Moises Silva


2nd Place – News/Events

The Heat

Location: Betim, Brazil
Shot on iPhone 5S

Verónica G. Cárdenas

United States

3rd Place – News/Events

Verónica G. Cárdenas is a freelance photojournalist and documentary photographer based in the South Texas border known as the Rio Grande Valley. Migration and immigration issues are recurring themes that she explores through photojournalism and conceptual photography.

Refugee Caravan
“Members of the Refugee Caravan 2017 climb the border fence dividing Mexico and the U.S. to celebrate their arrival in Tijuana.

Location: Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
Shot on iPhone 6S

Amy Nelson

United States

1st Place – Other

Amy Claire Nelson is a Durham-based journalist and filmmaker. Her work has been recognized by the Society of Professional Journalists, the Associated Press, RTNDA, Alliance for Women in Media Foundation, the Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Broadcast News Awards, and various regional and international film festivals. 

Sky Portal
“I took this photo at the 39th Annual Wright Kite Festival in Kill Devil Hills, NC, where 30-100 foot kites were on display amidst clouds and drizzle.”

Location: Wright Brothers National Park, North Carolina
Shot on iPhone SE

José Ignacio De Rocco


2nd Place – Other

José Ignacia De Rocco is 38 years old, from a coastal city in Argentina named Pinamar but lives in Buenos Aires. José is a Graphic designer and has been an amateur photographer since 2007.

Lo de Gómez
“The entrance of a friend’s house.”

Location: Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Shot on iPhone 6S

Magda Lates


3rd Place – Other

Magda Lates is a Romanian-born photographer living and working in Paris. With a background in advertising, she finds her inspiration and creative energy somewhere between arthouse films and brutalist architecture. Her photography has been featured both in print and as exhibitions across Europe and the US.

Above Berlin

Location: Berlin, Germany
Shot on iPhone SE

Mateusz Piesiak


1st Place – Panorama

Mateusz Piesiak is 22 years old, studying Automation and Robotics at the Wrocław University of Science and Technology in Poland.  His passion is wildlife photography, and in 2011 he received the title “Young wildlife photographer of the year” in the “BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year” awards. His favorite subjects to photograph are birds.

“In summer the sun is above the horizon nearly all day where Vatnajökull glacier meets the Atlantic Ocean.”

Location: Iceland
Shot on iPhone 6 Plus

Burcu Ozturk

United States

2nd Place – Panorama

Burcu Ozturk is a Turkish-American photographer living in New York. She has passion for landscapes and cityscapes. After 10 years of professional photography practice, she recently discovered the freedom and practicality of iPhone photography and since then she has been discovering the possibilities of iPhone camera.

Frozen Central Park
“On a cold February day walking in the city, I saw fog over Central Park. It felt like a frozen moment, almost a daydream. I knew it was the perfect time to use my iPhone’s panorama feature.”

Location: Central Park, New York City
Shot on iPhone 7

Clifford Pickett

United States

3rd Place – Panorama

Clifford Pickett is a professional travel, humanitarian and commercial photographer, videographer and educator. Based in NYC, his work takes him around the globe, but he is not your average professional photographer and educator, he failed his first photography class. He’s self taught, sourcing his education through modern methods rather than traditional ones.

Sunrise in Monument Valley
“This image was taken during a month long road trip throughout the American West, part of a project shooting with iPhone. Having spent much time on the road, I wanted to capture that feeling of wide-openness on the road that I experience so often.”

Location: Oljato-Monument Valley, Utah
Shot on iPhone 7 Plus

Jonas Wyssen


1st Place – People

Jonas Wyssen is a passionate and practicing freestyler who works as a creative director. In his spare time, he is freeriding with a snowboard or always looking for the perfect wave.

“Brazilian tourist posing in front of a small catholic chapel taking a tourists photo.”

Location: Praia de Carneiros Pernambuco, Brazil
Shot on iPhone 7 Plus

Lee Yu Chieh


2nd Place – People

Lee Yu Chieh is a professional ICU nurse and a photographer from Taiwan. She loves to capture ordinary scenes and make them meaningful in every moment of life.


“I took this shot of a woman in traditional clothes, in a baren landscape.”

Location: Cusco, Peru
Shot on iPhone 6S

Pascal Desapio


3rd Place – People

Pascal Davis, born in Rome, Italy is a passionate globetrotter who enjoys the magnificent and overwhelming impressions he discovers in his travels.

Night at the beach
“The picture shows a snapshot of a extended family picnicking on the beach promenade, “la barceloneta”.

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Shot on iPhone 7 Plus

Scott Woodward


1st Place – Portrait

Scott Woodward’s father taught him about photography when he was a young boy: how to operate a manual camera, skillfully interpret light and imaginatively compose an image. But more importantly, his dad instilled in him the sense of curiosity and adventure that truly make him a photographer.

“Moken village elder, Salamah, wearing his hand- carved wooden dive goggles on the beach at Au Bon Yai, a tiny island community of about 300 sea gypsies off the coast of Phang Nga, Thailand.”

Location: Ko Surin, Thailand
Shot on iPhone 6S

KuangLong Zhang


2nd Place – Portrait

KuangLong Zhang is a a freelance photographer from Shenzhen city, China.

The Tibetan Woman
“Every year, there are a lot of Tibetans going to Lhasa in Tibet for pilgrimages from distant places. It takes a very long time to reach Lhasa, several months or even several years. After arriving in Lhasa, some people have no money to return to their hometowns.”

Location: Lhasa City, Tibet
Shot on iPhone 7

Marina Spironetti


3rd Place – Portrait

After earning a university degree in Languages and Literature, Milan-born Marina Spironetti trained as a journalist in Italy. She studied photojournalism at the London College of Communication. She launched her photographic career in 2004. Originally working as a UK correspondent for the Italian picture agency Eidon Press, she now freelances for a variety of magazines/newspapers. She is currently Milan-based.

Women of Gavoi
“Part of a long-term project about century- long traditions in the region of Barbagia. Barbagia is the inland-most region of the island of Sardinia, Italy – an area proud of its heritage and still faithful to its costumes and traditions.”

Gavoi, Sardinia, Italy
Shot on iPhone 8

Cocu Liu

United States

1st Place – Series

Cocu Liu is a mobile photographer and product designer based in San Francisco bay area. He was born and raised in Beijing, China and spent five years in Chicago, IL prior to residing in San Francisco. He is fascinated by lights, street photography and urban scenes. Cocu Liu believes “the best camera is the one that’s with you.”

Urban Impressionism
“This series of photos express the sensations of energy and poetic feelings in the urban scene.”

Location: San Francisco, Paris
Shot on iPhone X

Laith Zaied


2nd Place – Series

Laith Zayed is a photographer working in Baghdad city and Iraq where he combines photography and video filming and works as a video cameraman for an Iraqi television channel. He began using an iPhone for photography 2 years ago, and in 2017 he held an exhibition of his iPhone photographs, considered the first exhibition of iPhone photos in Iraq.

“The ritual of seasonal grief, which is the phrase to hear the melody and the sad words of a person called the narrator, or Radod. Everyone participates in a rhythmic beating on the chest. These rituals are called latmia.”

Location: Baghdad, Iraq
Shot on iPhone 7 Plus

Chen Lin


3rd Place – Series

Chen Lin is based in Shanghai, China and is a visual artist and author.

Sulphur Miners
“In Indonesia’s izhen volcano, clouds and sulphur smoke are mixed, slowly rising over the lakes of the crater. The mine has been dug for 30 years. The miners who collect natural sulphur are exposed to highly toxic gases without any protection.”

Location: Izhen volcano, Indonesia
Shot on iPhone 7 Plus

Fiona Bailey

United Kingdom

1st Place – Still Life

After completing a BA Hons. Degree course in Photography at Westminster University, Fiona has worked as an Art Buyer, working on many advertising campaigns. During this time she has collaborated on a number of photography projects, including the book, ‘The Road to Glory – Portraits of Britain’s Paralympians’. She is currently freelancing as a Print Producer and working on a number of her own photographic projects, including ‘Visiting Olive’, which involved documenting the life of an elderly friend and neighbour. She lives in North West London with her husband and three children.


Location: London, England
Shot on iPhone 7

Song Han


2nd Place – Still Life

Song Han started with travel and photography in Chengdu, China, the hometown of pandas and also the place he is from.

Half and half
“In Akureyri, Iceland, the sun shines on the balcony, creating a triangle of light separated from the darkness.”

Location: Akureyri, Iceland
Shot on iPhone 7 Plus

XiangQi Kong


3rd Place – Still Life

Kong XiangQi is 33 years old, born in China, and lives in Beijing. He is a software engineer, currently engaged in software development in the field of intelligent railway transportation.

Green in a Corner
“A discarded chair among some neglected wild plants, near an underground garage. Nature and manufactured in a bustling metropolis.

Location: Beijing Shi, China
Shot on iPhone 6

Sara Ronkainen


1st Place – Sunset

Sara Ronkainen lives surrounded by forests and lakes in Jyväskylä, Finland. She enjoys traveling, good food and new experiences, and loves to document her adventures with her iPhone.

Dandelion sunset
“In central Finland, where summer days are long and sunsets beautiful. I was out walking by a lake one evening, and saw dandelions floating in the breeze. Feeling inspired, I picked one, held it up and used it as a filter through which to capture the last rays of the day’s sun.”

Location: Jyväskylä, Finland
Shot on iPhone 5s

Cocu Liu

United States

2nd Place – Sunset

Cocu Liu is a mobile photographer and product designer based in San Francisco bay area. He was born and raised in Beijing, China and spent five years in Chicago, IL prior to residing in San Francisco. He is fascinated by lights, street photography and urban scenes. Cocu Liu believes “the best camera is the one that’s with you.”

Chasing Light
“This photo was taken in the Financial District of San Francisco before sunset.
I was fascinated by the street scene with busy commuters, low angle lights and long shadows of people.” 

Location: San Francisco, United States
Shot on iPhone 7 Plus

Ruslan Zabulonov


3rd Place – Sunset

Ruslan Zabulonov, is 22 years old. He is a professional hockey player, interested in photo and video shooting, drawing logos, art and web sites. He also manages a public in instagram dedicated to design.

Sunset vibes
“Children are having fun in the fountain on a hot summer day.

Location: Ukraine, Kiev
Shot on iPhone 6

Anna Aiko

Japan, France

1st Place – Travel

Anna Aiko was born in Tokyo in 1979 and raised between both Eastern and Western cultures of Japan and France.  She has lived for 20 years in Paris, working as an Art Director for luxury brands such as Cartier & Louis Vuitton.

Silk Road
“This photo was taken on the first day of my departure for the desert of Gobi, on the Silk Road. On the road I got lost with my two Mongolian men, driver and guide, and we found ourselves in this area known for the very first traces of dinosaurs. The atmosphere was magical, in the vast desert with plains and mountains.”

Location: Mongolia
Shot on iPhone 6S

Zarni Myo Win


2nd Place – Travel

Zarni Myo Win is a travel photographer from Myanmar and multi-award winner of international photography competitions. Currently working on a photography project to document the life of Myanmar opera performers behind the curtain.

The Sculptor
“A man sculpted a Buddha statue near Ayerwaddy river bank.”

Location: Ayeyarwady River, Myanmar
Shot on iPhone 7 Plus

Soha Ghandour


3rd Place – Travel

Soha Ghandour is a self-taught Lebanese photographer. She developed an interest in photography in 2016 when she started noticing the physical structures, streets, people and moments of everyday life, the scenes she is drawn to are the ones marked by a dynamic colorful composition. In September 2016, she was selected as a finalist of the Byblos Bank Award (Lebanon). Following that, she decided to leave her corporate job and focus solely on photography.

Red Stripes
“Tanning by the coast in Tyre on a hot summer day.

Location: Tyre, Lebanon
Shot on iPhone 5

Lidia Muntean


1st Place – Trees

Lidia Muntean, is 30 years old and lives in Bucharest, Romania. She is passionate about mobile photography and has been since her first iPhone 4 years ago.

Road of Tuscany
“This photo was taken near Pienza and Montalcino.”

Location: Val D’Orcia
Shot on iPhone 7 Plus

Brian Grasso

United States

2nd Place – Trees

Brian is a senior at Duke University studying global health and economics. After college, he looks forward to serving as executive director of the nonprofit Simple Charity.

Church Tree
“This photo was taken near Amboseli National Park in southern Kenya, in an area where Kenya’s famous Maasai tribe lives. On the left side of the tree, a small house is present, fenced in by a wall of assembled acacia branches.”

Location: Maasailand in southern Kenya
Shot on iPhone 7


Magdalena de Jonge Malucha


3rd Place – Trees

Magdalena de Jonge Malucha is self-taught photographer and mathematician, born and raised in Poland. For the last 20 years she has been based in Ibiza, a small Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea where she spend most of her time.  Magdalena is an active member of Polish Mobile Collective: Grupa Mobilni.

Be like Wes Anderson
“During a winter morning walk. When I saw this old fashion farmhouse with this twisted orange tree, I simply couldn’t resist, and for a moment I felt like I was in a Wes Anderson movie…”

Location: Santa Agnès de Corona, Ibiza
Shot on iPhone 7 Plus