2018 Winners – Abstract

Glenn Homann1st Place Abstract

Glenn Homann


1st Place – Abstract

“I was looking to take some photos in a rather cluttered, messy industrial space. As I became more frustrated at the lack

of interesting images, my eye honed in
on smaller details. A simple and striking black and white image of cardboard scraps resulted.”

Location: Brisbane, Australia
Shot on iPhone X

Edwin Loyola ⏤ 2nd - ABSTRACT

Edwin Loyola


2nd Place – Abstract

The Union of Colors
“Taken in one of Philippines biggest malls. I was strolling around the mall, and was amazed with the colors and patterns”

Location: Mall of Asia, Philippines
Shot on iPhone X

Jedrzej Franek ⏤ 3rd - ABSTRACT

Jedrzej Franek


3rd Place – Abstract

“This photo is a facade of one of the most recognizable buildings in Pozna, the former Polonez Hotel (closed, and re-opened as
a student dormitory center). Considered very modern and luxurious in the 80’s it has fallen in disrepair in the 2000’s.

Location: Pozna, Poland
Shot on iPhone 6S

Honorable Mentions