2017 Winners – Sunset

Kuanglong Zhang

Guangdong, China

1st Place – Sunset

“The sunset and the Golden Temple in Amritsar add radiance and beauty to each other. The ripple in water seems to be formed by doves’ flapping of wings. I think photography is derived from life, and only people who love life can take a picture of temperature.”

Xiaoying Tang

Shenzhen, China

2nd Place – Sunset

I shot this photo in the vineyard of Tuscany, Italy in October 2016 with my iPhone 7 Plus. I love the beautiful countryside landscape of Tuscany. It was so lucky to capture the beautiful moment with a simple composition of the photo under the amazing golden lights.

Joseph Cyr

Tucson AZ, United States

3rd Place – Sunset

““Sky on fire” has become a popular hashtag on social media, but cliché or not, the description rings so true so often in the deserts of southern Arizona. I try to time my after-work runs during the winter so that I finish right at sunset. Lingering in the desert, the colors ‘ripen’ for up to a half-hour after the sun dips below the horizon. The sky on this particular evening stopped me in my tracks; the seasonal angle of the sun during the winter months often adds a touch of pastels to the usual fiery mix on the bottoms of the clouds.”

Honorable Mentions